The Film

Faith Beyond Doubt combines the epic, action packed, visually stunning quality of a Hollywood production with a message based, story driven narrative. Using an experienced overseas production team based in Sri Lanka & India and bringing in key talent from Hollywood, the film will achieve the look and feel of a major motion picture at a low production cost.

While being faith affirming in nature, Faith Beyond Doubt will reach both its core demographic and much of the mainstream audience due to its compelling historical narrative, action and stunning visuals. Faith Beyond Doubt will cast exceptionally talented international actors to have the greatest impact on audiences worldwide.

The Opportunity

Independent Feature Film / Historical Adventure / 120 min Filming Location: Sri Lanka

This is a unique advantage for our production team.  With over 50 years of moviemaking legacy in India, our producer team from Dharlin Entertainment are part of a multi-generational movie making family and considered to be filmmaking royalty — touting extensive involvement in an impressive resume of over 300 films in India, including numerous blockbusters.

West meets East – following the journey of Thomas

Film production in remote locations like Sri Lanka and India presents the exciting opportunity to produce “the look” of a big budget, epic film at a fraction of the cost. Known as Bollywood, India’s thriving filmmaking industry releases over 1,000 films annually, more than double the number of its Hollywood counterpart. However, Sri Lanka and India require unique cultural, government, logistical, and production considerations, making an American film production in these beautiful countries challenging (even impossible) for the unexperienced.


See what some Eminent Scholars are saying…

Fantastic!  I love it!  Thanks for sharing with me.  I am haunted by the end.  What a wonderful image to end with. This looks fabulous!  You are on to something here. – Dyron Daughrity, Ph.D., Professor, Religion & Philosophy Division, Pepperdine University

I thoroughly enjoyed reading the script for Faith Beyond Doubt. I have studied the fates of the apostles of Jesus and it was fascinating to encounter a creative rendition of how Thomas may have brought the gospel to India and ultimately laid down his life. I can’t wait to see the film.Sean McDowell, Ph.D.,  Speaker, Author, Professor Biola University
Meet The Team

Our Team

Dharlin Entertainment

Linda Mandrayar – Producer
Dharan Mandrayar – Writer / Director

Dharlin Entertainment is an award winning independent American production company founded in December 1989 by husband and wife team – Dharan & Linda Mandrayar.  Independent and passionate they are committed to producing entertaining, thought provoking and inspiring films. With Dharan’s extensive connections with SIVAJI PRODUCTIONS and within the film industry in India, Dharlin Entertainment produces high quality films at a fraction of what it would cost elsewhere.

Previous Films:

Mark H. Weingartner

Director of Photography – ASC

Director of photography and visual effects supervisor Mark Weingartner, ASC began his career as a theatrical lighting designer in New York. Weingartner has worked on every continent but Antarctica, and on projects ranging from studio tent-poles to indie films, TV shows, and documentaries, working in formats from 16mm to IMAX. His work can be seen, if not recognized, in the films Dunkirk, Inception, the Christopher Nolan Dark Knight films, the G.I. Joe films, the last three Hunger Games, the last two Twilight films, The Passion of the Christ, and Apocalypto among many others. Weingartner previously collaborated with Dharlin Entertainment on the feature film Ele, My Friend, photographed entirely in Tamil Nadu.

Previous Films:

Michael Mason

Music Producer

Michael Mason has been producing music for TV and Film for over 35 yrs. Either as a producer, mixer or music editor, he has worked alongside some of the best talent in the entertainment industry. While working with James Newton Howard, he co-produced the music for over 30 films including Pretty Woman, The Fugitive, and Waterworld. With John Debney, he went on to co-produce or perform on the scores for Liar Liar, The Scorpion King, Spy Kids, Iron Man 2, and The Replacements. Currently he’s been mixing the music on the CBS show NCIS LA for the past 8 seasons and supervising the music for a few indie films and documentaries.

Previous Films:

Todd Burns

Advisor / Legal

Todd currently runs a startup focused on connection and communication. Prior to that, he ran the family office of a Japanese multinational focused on numerous industries throughout the world.  After doing practically every role on a film set in physical production during college at UCLA – he moved into legal and business affairs during law school. On graduation from law school, Todd partnered with Steve McEveety (Braveheart, Passion of the Christ, Anna Karenina, We Were Soldiers) and John Shepherd in Mpower Pictures and advised numerous funds and individuals in their media investments. Todd managed Bear Grylls among others. Todd received a JD, MBA from Pepperdine and a BA from UCLA. Todd has been associated with several films with Mpower, namely, Man Down, The Drop Box, Irreplaceable, Machine Gun Preacher, Stoning of Soraya M, American Carol and Bella.

Previous Films:

Potential Casting Ideas

Subject to availability & final casting decisions

as Thomas


Eric Bana

Richard Armitage

Gael Garcia Bernal

as Annon


Gerard Butler

Gary Oldman

Jeremy Irons

as Ezra


Selton Mello

Rodrigo Santoro

Ewan McGregor

as Mahan


Jagapathi Babu



as Queen Tertia


Shreya Saran

Nadia Moidu

as King Mazdai

Venkatesh Daggubati

Nana Patekar


as Sneha

as Prince Vizan

as The Skinner

Satish Kumar

Darshan Ramkumar

R.S. Shivaji

as King of Muziris

Sara Kanapathy

Character Concepts

The Vision

Investor Info

Point of Contact:

Linda Mandrayar
Dharlin Entertainment Inc.
(760) 717-4107