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My name is Linda Mandrayar I am the producer of an upcoming major motion picture on the life of the apostle Thomas, “Faith Beyond Doubt, the Journey of Thomas“.

We all know him as “Doubting Thomas”. He was the disciple that needed proof before he would believe that Jesus rose from the dead. But do you know what he did after Jesus appeared to him? Not only did he believe but he fell to his knees and worshiped Jesus. He was the first person to openly acknowledge Jesus as God with his famous proclamation “My Lord and My God”.

You see Jesus was not angry with Thomas. He welcomed examination and appeared specifically to Thomas so that Thomas could overcome his doubt.

Jesus is the same way with us. He wants us to approach him with our fears, our doubts and even our disbelief. He is patient and kind and he knows our weaknesses.

Fortunately, Thomas didn’t live in fear and doubt, he went on to share the good news about Jesus with many people around the world, even as far away as India where he was ultimately martyred for his faith.  Ironically, the disciple that doubted the most, went the furthest.

In preparation for the film’s release, I felt it would be a good idea to openly talk about doubt and examine this important issue that often gets swept under the rug and ignored. We are reluctant to admit our doubts for fear of being rejected and ridiculed by other believers.

Doubt comes in many forms. Sometimes it is strong enough to make people renounce their faith, but most times it manifests itself daily in our lives.

Stress and anxiety are really just symptoms of doubt and a lack of faith on our part. We doubt that God has our best interests at heart. We doubt that he has a perfect plan for our lives. We doubt that he is in complete control of our lives and the circumstances surrounding our lives. We doubt that he is good and we doubt that he loves us.

I am inviting people in the faith community to weigh in on this topic, to openly admit and share their personal stories of times that they doubted. Times that their faith was challenged. Times that they wanted to give up and give in, but how God met them in their brokenness, how he restored them and lifted them up so that they could continue on with the calling that He had on their life. Just like He did for Thomas so long ago.

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Linda Mandrayar (Producer of Faith Beyond Doubt, Founder of The White Rainbow Project, and Real Estate Broker)

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