Should I Be Worried My Teen Has Doubts?

If your teen is struggling with questions or doubts, he/she is joining a great cloud of witnesses who’ve been on the same journey. From John the Baptist, “Doubting Thomas,” Martin Luther, C. S. Lewis, and Mother Teresa, Christianity is filled with individuals who intellectually and spiritually struggled to believe, but through their authentic struggle they came to a place of deep trust and reliance upon God. “Doubt can very often coexist with faith. The fact that a person has doubts doesn’t mean they have no faith; it may mean that their faith is alive, that it is struggling, that it is growing.” However, in some (not all) circles of Christianity, this rich history of doubting well was recently replaced by a strict adherence to “blind faith,” ignoring evidence rather than following it, and fearing questions rather than using them to make one’s faith stronger. Young Christians were taught to do as they were told, rather than to think for themselves. The results have been disastrous, with many millennials and Gen Zers choosing to walk away from a belief system that seemed misogynistic, oppressive, illogical, and downright boring. But it absolutely doesn’t have to be that way! We believe, like so many generations of Christians before us, that we have nothing to fear from questions, doubts, and scrutiny because the evidence points solidly and firmly to Christ as Risen Savior. We also believe that following and becoming more like Him is the only path to true fulfillment, flourishing, and life. So rather than allowing our teens’ curiosity and/or skepticism to scare us, let’s breathe, relax, and view this as an opportunity to bring them into the rich history of skeptics who found that Christ was who they’d been looking for all along and to bring them into deep, lifelong flourishing. After all, if God is who He says He is, then no question, doubt, or other barrier to belief is too big for Him!

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David Eaton is the President of Axis which he cofounded in 2007. Every year Axis speaks to 10,000+ students face-to-face and every month Axis’ digital products equip 120,000+ parents, grandparents, pastors, and teachers. In 2018 Axis helped caring adults start 1,700,000 conversations, that they would not have started without Axis, with their 8- to 18-year-olds.

David Eaton (President of Axis)

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